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4oz Fight Club was established in November of 2007 as a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training gym located in Northwest Houston, Texas. We teach a straight forward style of fighting that has been proven effective by our active fighters in Legacy Fighting Championship & Ultimate Fighting Championship over the years. We maintain a professional attitude at all times without exceptions. When choosing a serious Mixed Martial Art (MMA) school don’t settle for second best, instead go to where their success can be measured in the cage.

4oz Fight Club Fitness Schedule

4oz Fight Clube Monday

9AM – Cardio

10AM – Muay Thai

5PM – Muay Thai – Youth

6PM – Intro Boxing

6PM – Intro Muay Thai

7PM – Muay Thai

7PM – Cardio

4oz Fight Club Tuesday

10AM – Jui Jitsu

5PM Jui Jitsu – Youth

6PM – Jui Jitsu

7PM – Intro Wresting

7PM – Cardio

4oz Fight Clucb Wednesday

9:00 AM – Cardio

10:00 AM – Muay Thai

11:30 – Ground Drilling

5PM Muay Thai – Youth

7:00 PM Intro Muay Thai

7:00 PM – Cardio

4oz Fight Club Thursday

10:00 AM – Jui Jitsu

5:00 PM – Jui Jitisu – Youth

6:00 PM – Jui Jitsu

7:00 PM – Intro Boxing

7:00 PM – Cardio

4oz Fight Club Friday

9:00 – Cardio

6:00 PM – Muay Thai

6:00 PM – Intro Jui Jitsu

4oz Fight Club Saturday

9:00 AM – Cardio

We are Located In Northwest Houston

4oz MMA Fight Club

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